Who gets waxed?

A Typical Client

We asked Mark at Natural Balance to give us an insight into what sort of guys were being waxed at his centre in Hove, East Sussex.

‘I originally started offering these services at a gym and I assumed most of the guys would be gym members but the opposite was true – most were not from the gym and whilst many were local some have travelled more than 50 miles for their waxing.

Whilst men do get more hairy as they get older I was also surprised by the range of ages. The average age of a waxing client is 37 with the youngest being 20 and the oldest 65. Whilst over 40% of my clients are aged 40 plus I wasn’t expecting a third of my clients to be in their twenties.

The most common occupations of my clients are office workers, students and IT consultants. Closely followed by engineers and teachers. I’ve also treated policemen, pilots and chefs showing that clients really do come from all walks of life!’

Mark Alexander is an Aesthetician and Complementary Therapist at Natural Balance in Brighton and Hove.