Waxing, Pedicure, Eyebrows, Skincare & Tanning in Hemel Hempstead

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Waxing, Pedicure, Eyebrows, Skincare & Tanning in Hemel Hempstead

Looking for a wax in Hemel Hempstead? If you are shy, have not had a wax before, or just want to be in a more calm setting than a salon – I am the therapist for you.

My name is Hollie and I’m based in a quiet place near Apsley by the canal. I have been told by all my clients I’m very gentle!! Most are surprised that there is much less discomfort from waxing than they expected and I’m very lucky to have lots of loyal clients that see me on a regular basis.

All waxes with me include a Cleanse and a luxurious scented pre-wax oil so the wax doesn’t stick to your skin and eases discomfort.Followed by afterwax lotion to help soothe skin and I provide full aftercare so you know how to take care of yourself at home.

Speed waxing and quick treatment times mean less discomfort and no residue.

Treatments Available:

Waxing (Back and shoulders is the most popular)
Brow design, trimming, tidying.
Facial Skincare
Neck, Shoulder & Scalp Massage
Pedicure without polish (or with if its your thing)
Spray Tanning (for the ultimate real looking tan)

**Due to recent client harassment, unfortunately I can no longer offer body massage to male clients. Its a real shame but I have to protect myself. I’m ever so sorry for the inconvenience. There are NO sexual services here, so no funny business or creeping unless you want a visit from the police.

Info & Prices

Please keep contact to online bookings through my website so I can keep track of our communications, no calls or text messages, no emails or whatsapp. Any questions you could possibly have are covered in my FAQs and the link I will send when you book. If its not there, it’s probably not relevant but if you have anything you are unsure about there is a notes section when you book, simply fill it out and I will get in touch before your visit so I can help. Thanks in advance!

I look forward to hearing from you, Hollie


Apsley http://www.housebeautyhemel.com/mens-treatments.html www.housebeautyhemel.com/book-online

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